Replacing jumper bars

my new speakers arrived today and i am looking to replace the jumper bars with a set of jumper cables that i can hopefully fashion myself. my speakers are tyler acoustic linbrook monitors with cardas wire upgrade
can anyone recommend a source for the speaker cable i will need? my speakers have two pairs of cardas binding posts and i plan on using my existing alpha-core goertz m2 cable for at least a year. should i match the jumper cable with the alpha core runs i already have?
since my single runs of speaker cable are terminated with spades at both ends, should i go for bananas on the jumper cables?
i've been to and they sell various belden cable along with cardas terminations. prices seem reasonable. suggestions please

any and all comments are appreciated, including your own experiments with similar projects

thanks in advance
I replaced the jumper bars on my Triangle Titus small monitors with Mapleshade custom 3 inch jumpers and for $20,wow! Quite a difference in sound. John K.
Order $20 jumpers from Mapleshade. I did so for my Triangle Antal's and it was a major performance upgrade over stock jumpers (I also tried jumpers that I made from Audioquest Type 4, Kimber 4TC, Goertz MI2 and the Mapleshade was the best). (under speaker cable at the bottom). Don't be put off by their appearance (they look like cheap pieces of tin foil)
I was going to recommend the Mapleshade jumpers when I noticed that two others had beat me to it.
We discussed this elsewhere. The best idea I heard was to combine the two wire leads (inside the speaker box) from your cross-over into one binding post, no jumpers, no additional cable. If you ever need to go to bi-amping then simply re-wire to the original configuration. It does require you to open the cross-over/ inside of binding post area, but that should be simple enough.
I've used the Mapleshade jumpers, and definitely would recommend them. Beware they are thin copper ribbons, and don't handle misuse well. I presently use Walker Audio cryo-treated silver