Replacing integrated RCA cable with RCA female jacks? Turntable

Hi all, I’m not sure if this thread should be in cables or analog, but anyways my situation is as follows:

I have a Denon DP31L turntable and was thinking I might cut small ports on the back of the housing to accommodate RCA jacks via either 1) cutting the integrated/original RCA cable (so I don’t have to re-solder new wires to circuitry) and soldering the cut end to female RCA jacks, or 2) remove entire RCA cable and solder new connections to circuit to run to RCA jacks.

assuming I use quality RCA jacks, and do a quality job with the soldering, and appropriately ground everything (currently there is a separate ground wire that runs the length next to the 6’ integrated RCA cable), could I expect the new setup to produce a reduction, improvement, or neutral, change in sound?

I dont want want to downgrade the audio, but I would prefer to have RCA jacks for the convience factor of using different interconnects to run to my phono preamp.

Any advice would be much appreciated as always.