Replacing horns and woofers on Klipsch Cornwalls

I have a pair of Klipsch Cornwall IIs that I'd like to restore and/or update. Cosmetically they are near perfect. However the paper type woofers look a little weak, where I'd like to replace them both. Does anybody know of a place that specializes in Klipsch drivers?

The person that you would want to talk to is Greg, and he works in the parts Dept. He would be able to give you the prices that you would need.

I had to order a new part for one of my KLF-30 speakers, and the part was here within 3 days + I got free shipping as the part was over $50.

Hope this helps.
I have a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls that I have had in their boxes for 15 years and I am afraid to open them. Do you think the woofers are rotted? Can you give more info on who to contact for parts? Doeas Klipsch stil repair them?
Geoh AND Mark7767-

When I first called Klipsch, they told me to send the payment to another address, the day I called just to confirm part numbers that I needed , Mark gave me this address to send payment to. It took 3 days for payment to get there and parts were here in 2 days.

3502 Woodview Trace, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 317-860-8100
Toll Free: 800-544-1482
Accounting Fax: 317-860-9178
Sales & Marketing Fax: 317-860-9170

If you hook up the Cornwalls, play music softly for a few days , as its like trying to break them in all over again.

Good Luck guys-
Klipsch parts come up regularly on eBay also. That's a hit or miss gamble, but there are certainly good deals to be had, and the parts are usually the vintage stuff, which is a good thing. IMO the vintage Klipsch drivers are better made than the newer ones. The newer stuff is built where ever labor is cheap. I got a replacement Klipsch passive woofer for some Forte II's from them. The replacement was made in Mexico and no longer had the nice thick gasket around the outer ring protecting the glue line. In fact the glue on the first one the sent was so sloppy (it looked like a kindergarden project) that I had to return it for a replacement. They no longer could supply the gasket so I had two speakers that did not match and ended up buying a second passive to match. Vintage Klipsch parts were mostly made in the U.S. and seemed to have more attention to detail. I've owned four different pairs of Klipsch speakers, all vintage, and none none had the sloppy construction of that newer passive woofer I received. If you do change one driver in your speaker for a newer one you should probably change the same driver in the other speaker to keep the two in balance. Ask if the designs for the newer replacement drivers are identical to the ones they replace.

Good luck.

all the parts you need are still to be had direct from klipsch,as for the difference between the new parts & the old the new parts win hands down,the woofers are only
125.00$ & they are much better with ss gear,as for your horns all you need is new dioframs for the drivers,again its very cheap & they are easy to get,as long as your not all thumbs the dioframs are an easy thing to replace & come with an instruction sheet.