Replacing feet fitted to ARC equipment

I have been researching on different types of supporting feet for front ends and amplification and as I have mostly ARC equipment - CD7, Ref 3, PH7, 610t, I wondered if any body on the forum has changed out the squidgy composite supporting feet fitted as factory production standard with some other aftermarket support type of feet or spikes or balls, etc., and if so can they post some feedback?
Generally speaking, I'm not aware of any stock component footer worth keeping. And though there are a few mfg'ers who make even serious attempts to create better performing footers, even those should be replaced with a solid (rigid) aftermarket product that can transfer the resonance energy away from the component.

Lest the vibrations remains trapped within to wreak sonic havoc.

Brown Electronic Labs (also known as the extent it's known) has some hard rubber feet that are also sold separately that are supposed to be better than the usual feet.

This is my experience: I tried Symposium stands. Using their metal "feet" (that you place between your gear and the stand), I found that the sound seemed hard and bright. I then tried the BEL feet. Liked the result a lot better.

I also tried some kind of wood "feet" from Cardas. My ears heard the same thing. Hard support, hard sound. Maybe it's just psychological...but I've heard others say the same.

There's a good discussion of various of the vibration-damping systems at the Galen Carol Audio website (

The BEL feet are very inexpensive...I got mine from Audio Concepts Houston, or I would assume you can get them from BEL.

Just my 2 cents - I think vibration control has some importance, but I think there's a lot of "voodoo" hype about it out there. I'd ignore the literature and listen to your ears (while hanging on to your wallet!)