Replacing Emotiva XPA-2 & XPA-5 power amps in HT system with class D

So I am considering replacing the hot running, power sucking, large Emotiva power amps in my main room home theater system with one single 7 channel class d amp.
Any good suggestions?
I do like the idea on the d-sonic 7 channel amps where they can have much more power on the front 2 or 3 channels as surrounds usually do not need 200w or more!
Anybody have good experiences?
Thank you
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I have one of the original D-Sonic 7 Channel amps based on the B&O Ice Power modules and love it.  In my case Dennis (the owner) happily configured it exactly the way I wanted the 7 channels set up.
What configuration was that?
I was looking at their present line and the top of the range is freaking outrageous, with 1500w for two front, 800w for center and 400w for the 4 surrounds. Not sure as i would truly need that much juice and it costs $3895.
In my case I needed a ton of power (running B&W 800s bi-amped front and B&W 803s rear)) so I opted for 6X1000w/4ohm for the front and rears and 500W for my smallish center channel.

Your proposed config doesn't sound unreasonable if you are running power-hungry speakers as I am, and for the price is very very reasonable IMHO.

In any event, you should consider giving Dennis a call and he can be helpful suggesting the right configuration for your needs.

I seem to recall at the time of my purchase that Dennis spent a couple of hours with me over a few different calls and was great to deal with.

Even a few years later we have been in touch recently via email - he's very responsive.

If there's any more input I can provide, I'm happy to help.

BTW- I'm not in any way affiliated w/ D-Sonic, just a very happy customer.

Take care


Anthem Audio has many options for multi channel and mono's for your application. It is a bit pricier than Emotiva, however I am confident Anthem will outperform Emotiva in all aspects.  Good luck in your search.

The only Class D amplifier Anthem sells is the M1 mono.  The only seven channel amplifier they sell the the PVA-7 which is class A/B.  

I have the 5 channel D-Sonic based on B&O Ice modules.  I have a MarkII version.  I'm very happy with it.  I have  three 1100 Watt modules for the fronts and two 500 Watt modules for the rears.  Before purchasing the D-sonic, I was Using Bel Canto Ref1000MKII's for the front two channels.  The D-Sonic is 98% of the Bel Canto's.  I was able to sell my Bel Cantos and the other amps,  purchase the D-Sonic, and put some money in the bank.

Dennis was very easy to deal with and I'm very happy with the product and experience.  I'm currently saving to replace my current 5 channel amp with the new version based on the Pascal modules.  I would already own it if it wasn't for a medical emergency.

Sounds so far that d-sonic may be the best affordable way to go
may just go with the 3x800w and 4x400w as i have very easy to drive focal 807v fronts and martin logan center.
the only other one i had researched a little so far was the primare c30.7 but that "only" has 7x150w.
i think i like the idea of flexibility on more power for the main 3 channels than the outright power numbers per se
I bet that would be plenty of power (and more than likely overkill for your ML center, which I also have).  One thing you should obviously do if this is the setup you're after is simply get a 7X unit with the modules that you want versus one 4X and one 3X.  Save a few bucks and a bunch of rack space.

Let us know how it works out for you!

PS - Not sure where you're located, but if you happen to be in the NYC area, you're welcome to come give a listen.


that is  a most generous offer but unfortunately way south in florida!
and yes part of the plan is also to condense the present two box amps down to one so a d-sonic 7 channel is the way, about $3500 in the config i was looking at

     I think D-Sonic is a very good choice for a multi-channel class D amp, too. Looks like the 7-ch is very flexible and I know the Ice, Abletec and Pascal modules he offers in his amps  are all good performers. Dennis is great to deal with, too. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

      I've owned a pair of D-Sonic mono-blocks for over a year now and they've been excellent on my main speakers.  Class D is ideal for replacing class A/B amps like your Emotiva.  Class D sounds better, is lighter, smaller, more efficient and doesn't gets warmer than luke-warm.  For myself, switching from class A/B to class D was all benefits with no negatives at all.

Good choice,
All good that I am hearing so far on the d-sonic, thanks to everybody for that!
Has anybody experienced Nuforce class d amps at all?
Bought a NU-FORCE 8 channel class d amp and replaced the two Emotiva tanks total about 160lb weight with the one slimline box of approx 30lb.
Could I hear a difference?
Yes, the nuforce actually sounds a lot cleaner than the emotivas especially on music.
i am convinced now on good class d amps can actually be well....good.
There are several brands that feature class D.  Wyred 4 Sound.  Bel Canto, Red Dragon, Class D Audio.  Although for your purposes, Wyred and Class D audio would be the best option for multi channel amps(buying 2 of the 4 channel Class D audio).  

Of course there are plenty of good class d amps out there and i was ready to pull the trigger on a d-sonic product albeit at a cost of $3400.
Then i happened across an ad for a open box nuforce mca20 at well under half that price, read a couple of reviews and thought what the heck, its a cheaper way to dip my toes in the water. And very impressed I am too so far.
Now to be clear I am fortunate in that i do not have to play stereo music through the ht rig as my 2 channel rig is completely seperate in another room entirely. So the main focus in this exercise was to reduce the size,weight and power consumption of the amps and still have the same movie experience for the family. And I think I accomplished that aspect very well indeed. And if as a bonus the 2 channel also sounds better all well and good.

Now it has me thinking what i might achieve with a class d in my stereo rig......
Hi uberwaltz,

     I'm a little surprised you decided on the Nuforce 8-ch amp, thought you decided on the D-Sonic 7-ch amp that offers amp module and power choices for each channel.  

     Optama Nuforce offers 2 8-ch amps, the MCA-18 and MCA-20, which one did you choose?
     I've never owned or used a Nuforce amp but, from what I've read, they're often used in high-end ht installations and are generally noted for their accurate, clean and lively sound as well as their compact size, good power,low weight and cool running.  Overall in my opinion, a very good choice.


I was ready to buy the d-sonic but at the price that i bought the mca20 at it was a deal I could not turn down. I could have easily sold it for at  least the same price if not a profit if it did not work out but for my purpose and application it appears to be working very well.
I also purchased the matching avp18 processor to replace the emotiva umc200 as well but thats a test for another day as i wanted to hear the class d amp first
Uberwaltz, I must have missed your post in which you mention purchasing the Nuforce.  It sounds like quite an upgrade.  I experienced a similar improvement over my Emotiva XPA amp a few years ago.  I too have a separate 2 channel set up and found that Parasound Halo Series is superior from top to bottom frequencies, and looks a lot nicer to boot.

I didn't have weight considerations, but reading yours and other impressions on class D, I have to admit in being more open to checking it out.  I've been reluctant towards class D.
Just watched out first full movie with the Nuforce tonight, Smokin Aces 2, which has one heck of a lot of gunshot and explosive special effects and VERY IMPRESSED.
To say the Nuforce is ONLY rated at 150w per channel I felt the sheer force of the movie was above par to the Emotiva experience.
Dont get me wrong the Emotivas are great bang for the buck but I am now convinced that class d MAY be worth consideration in the 2 channel world as well.

     I'm glad you're enjoying the AVP-18 and MCA-20.  They both look just like they run,VERY COOL  I don't think you'd hear a big difference between Nuforce and D-Sonic, both seem to have low noise floors, low distortion, neutral and detailed characters with very good power and dynamics.
      I understand you got a good deal on both so that just makes it sweeter.  I don't know if you keep your audio amps on 24/7 as I do but,, regardless, you should see a significant reduction in your electric bill as a further advantage of switching from class A/B to class D amplification.