Replacing Electrostatic Panels - Costly/Difficult?

How costly and difficult is it to replace the panels in a Quad Electrostatic speaker such as the 2905?

When used a in humid environment (80 to 90% humidity) what would be consider the average life span before the panels need changing?
You might contact this company with your questions (no affiliation):

In a high humidity environment, I would strongly recommend unplugging them when not in use.

Agree with Duke..I purchased rebuilt Quad 63 USA's from Kent at Electrostatic Solutions 2 years ago and was very pleased. He uses the best materials and techniques for perfect rebuilds of the panels and power supply EHT boards, spark arrestor and zener clamp protection circuitry and guarantees them 3 years I believe. I know he rebuilds the 63 and 63 USA as well as the 988/989..not sure about the newer 28/29 series. Contact Kent via email on his site and he'll give you all the info.
My 2905s have just celebrated their 2nd b'day in a dusty and at times very humid enviroment. A friend in coastal South India(much more humid)also complains about humidity and the speakers shutting off. I am NOT aware that humidity shortens the life of the speakers. If you have a specific problem contact Quad.
I agree with Duke; I have soundlab m2's and live in New Jersey; my speakers are always off when not in use.