Replacing Duet with Touch?

Will be receiving it in a few days and was wondering about the setup. What will I need to know for the easiest transition? Computer ip address, passwords etc.. Would like to make it as hasslefree as possible.
Hoping this is almost plug and play.
I just switched from classic 3 to touch and it was very simple. Plug it in, go through instructions, it obtained ip address automatically and I put in the password and was good to go.

I added the old Classic 3 to my office system and that worked for the internet part easily, but did not add my music library from my imac. I pulled up Logitech media server from my computer and then checked the office system and the Classic 3 had my music files on it.
very easy.
Good luck with your setup.
If you're not already using it, I highly recommend the ipeng app.
Thanks. May not have to call my son to set it up.
Not to hijack the thread but can anyone tell me if the Touch is an appreciable step up from the Duet? I currently have, and love, a Duet wonder if the Touch improves on it at all? Thanks.
Clarity and dynamics improved...I'll do more evaluations, since I just upgraded yesterday.
I have been thinking about this switch for a long time. Through all my reading I have found there to be agreement that the analogue out of the touch is much better than the duet.

I personally use a dac so using the digital out from the duet. There are many opinions on sound quality using a dac and either the duet or touch. Many believe that the touch is better but just marginally while many others believe the difference an immediately noticable upgrade. I have come to believe that the upgrade will be an improvement. That belief combined with higher resolution audio supported by the touch helped sway me that way.
What pushed me over the edge was Logitech dropping the touch. I think they will be hard to find used (already are) and I knew that I would never be content till I tried one.
At the price figured I could sell the duet and pay for the touch if I wanted.
Update. Switch went without a hitch. Had to enter ip and password.
Wife and I sat and listened to some of her favorite songs for a bit and when I asked her what she thought (This without any technical exchange between the two of us) her comments were:
1 Instruments have a place.
2 Sounds more full
To put it in perspective she sits off center to the far right and has a more difficult time with image/soundstage. These comments echoed what I heard along with what seemed to be cleaner faster bass. All in all very pleased with the switch.
FYI, I am aware of the placebo effect and have to admit that I heard just what I was expecting and hoping for. Placebo? Maybe but that works fine for me. Justifies the purchase.