replacing crossover with external one


I have vintage speaker which i really like- Jbl L300.
I already recon the speakers, and now i'm checking the options for renew the crossover.
Far as check - renew the crossover is not trivial cause the crossover covered and really accessible .
SO the idea of external crossover came up... but i'm not really sure if it will give good results ,
The speakers(96 DB) are 3 ways with mid horns ,
I don't want to do Bi Amp by adding more amplifer to my system but want to stick to one tube amp monoblock per speakers.
I did that with my Infinity RSIIb's and it sounds excellent. An external crossover allows you to use much larger (better) components and to space them well apart to prevent crosstalk interference between crossover components and between the crossover and the speaker magnets. Here is a picture with the crossover box open:

External Crossover

and here is another picture of the system:

RSIIb Speakers

Moving the crossover outboard is a great idea, as Ait wrote. Mine had enough room for much-higher-quality (= bigger) components, so the board is original. The board is hung from the wooden frame using long brass screws and hard-plastic tubing as spacers.
The L300 was a good speaker and is quite collectable, so you might make sure your changes are reversable. But I think that JBL's crossover designs of the era are a weak point, and there are significant improvements to be had with revisions.

For a in-depth discussion of the specifics, I'd inquire with the guys at the vintage JBL forums:
Thanks for your response ,
It's look like the idea is very positive so i'm willing to go for it ...
Can any one recommend on good one that can play good with L300 (96 db with Mid horn)?
I'd like to stay with one amplifier per speaker.
I'm not interested of adding more amplifier (bi amp) .