Replacing crossover in Apogee Centaur Majors?


I love my Apogees and would like to make them sound even better by replacing the crossover internals with better quality components and material. A local electronics business owner (Mark at Mr. Wizards in Austin) can do the work if I provide him with the material and some instruction to get started. He is very familiar with hi-fi gear and can do the work once I have outlined the project for him.

Can anyone be of assistance regarding what is exactly needed for this project? I am thinking that I ultimately need replacement caps and the appropriate conductors for the wire runs and coil windings. I was leaning towards Auricaps (although exact specs is unkown). I'm unsure of what wire is needed. Does anyone have any information that would at least get me started with figuring out what I need to know?

Thanks a bunch.
Go to Graz can be of help.You can also purchase the ribbons there. Possibly, xovers too.
Also check out the Apogee Users Group at:

You'll find lots of info on Apogees in general and your Centaur Majors in particular.
I would check out Apogee Users Group
URL: Graz is the best resource you have for the ribbons and he may be able to also help you with the crossovers.

I am sure there will be an improvement ( difference ) from replacing the caps. The wiring may also yield some improvement or differences in sound. Differences are not always best or better. You could make a really good speaker sound hard or lifeless if the wrong cap is placed in the crossover. There are better capacitors available today than it was 10 to 15 years ago.

I would carefully attempt to find a previous dealer in your area that can handle the task and seek his opinions on what can be done with the speakers to improve them. The wire inside the Apogee is very hard to work with and it is very stiff.

I would also check out amplification alternatives to see if better performance is available. If you have not tried tubes with them consider using some tubes before you make that move. Another amp that may be a good alternative is Moscode. There are many newer hybrids amps available today that were not several years ago and that too could make a huge difference. I am a previous owner of the Centaurs model. I auditioned a pair of Tom Tutay Altec 1570B's monoblocks, 140w Triode tube amps and they transported me to a very special place. That is the best combination I have ever heard with them. It was also the most liquid and effortless sound I have ever experienced in my own system.
Thanks very much for the recommendations. This is the second pair or Apogees that I have owned (Stages, previously) and until now I did not know about the Apogee forum to which you directed me. I spent last night reading threads there and have come to the conclusion that I do need a more powerful amp to really make these C-Majors sing. I have been looking at the McIntosh MC-352 and MC-402 in particular.

I am only going to monkey with the crossovers if I am sure that an upgrade can be done correctly. I managed to get these speakers in dead-mint condition so I don't want to mar them in any way. Graz has said that he can make a good crossover, which is heartening. I'll poke around on the Apogee user group some more and see what conclusions we can come up with.
Don't forget too that the late Jason Bloom "Mr. Apogee", put allot of work into making your Apogees sound it's best. It was one of the many speakers that I feel were designed with little compromises. Don't forget to try some tubes. It is important that you hear the ribbons at their best. And yes by all means make sure you have enough power. I don't know what levels you play your music or the size of your room but you will be shocked by the different signatures each amp will display musically. I actually drove my Centaurs with a 35 watt and a 50 watt tube amp. I may have listened at peaks of 104 db but an average little under 100 db. The room was about 20 x 15 at that time. My listening habits were usually 50's, 60's jazz, classical, blues, light rock,(Dire Straits, etc.)and R&B. Actually anything. Mostly vinyl but cd's too. Oh, one other thing Audiophile selections too. You should be very happy to get them in the condition they are in. I don't have a room big enough for them right now but I am still using a Ribbon speaker. The Aurum Cantus Leisure 3 SE Signatures. They remind me allot of the Apogees but the bass is not as controlled as the Apogees. Good luck!