Replacing caps & resistors on Vandersteens

I own Vandersteen model 1s and I'm happy with them.  I believe they are at least 25 years old.  I removed the speakers and took them to Miller Sound and Bill said they were in excellent condition. I'm told by a trusted friend that I should consider replacing the caps and resistors. I've rebuilt a few vintage jukebox amps so I believe I can handle that but I don't know where they are or if I can even get to them.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Doug
I usually start at Parts Connexion.

As I recall, Rich doesn't think much of boutique caps and resistors, which I think is a shame.

I use Mills resistors. Very good, affordable and small for the wattage.

If you are referring to Richard Vandersteen, he feels that if a person isn't extremely versed on electronic circuits they will not get the most optimization of boutique caps and would be better served using less expensive common capacitors. That is what I got out of his comments on "ask Richard" on the Vandersteen website.
I was referring to the location of the caps and resistors on the speakers. When I took out the speakers before I did not see them.  Could they be at the bottom?  Thanks.  Doug
Hey @mr_m

I was going by the caps he uses in his speakers. :)


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