Replacing caps in DAC

I’ll be replacing caps in my 20 yr old Entec Number Cruncher 3.0 – last upgraded by Bob Crump. It still sounds pretty good. The 10 Nichicon Muse caps (radial) will be replaced by the same. The 6 low value Hi-Rel and AudioCaps (axial) are not made anymore. Any suggestions for substitutions?  Thx
Let us know the values please. Audio Cap Theta is what I am thinking based on experience. 

I suggest you don't do anything with it; a twenty year old DAC will be trounced by any number of new models. I suggest you put it out to pasture in a less refined rig. I would not dream of using a twenty year old DAC, not with the fabulous advancements and low prices of new ones. Go whichever direction you wish, NOS or massive oversampling, you can get some terrific results. I'll let others boast of their performance. 
I can see replacing the electrolytics as they are cheap and tend to age, but why would you change out the poly coupling caps? They should be just fine.
Are the Hi-Rel and AudioCaps poly?  That’s fine with me if they don’t need to be changed. Their values are: Hi-Rel: .01uf, .10uf, .047uf. Each@200v. AudioCaps (2) .47uf @100v.
Yes, poly; no need to change them. Just redo the electrolytics and you are good to go. Enjoy!

I hope you will consider upgrading your DAC's fuse to a Synergistic Research "Black" fuse. This was a major sonic improvement in my Antelope DAC. As a nice bonus they are sold with a 30 day money back trial. Order from High - End Electronics, Apple Valley, Calif. or THE Cable Company, New Hope, Penn.

I think it is wonderful that you are upgrading your curren

David Pritchard
David: I already installed a SR-Black in my amp.  That improvement motivated me to look inside my DAC.  No fuse.  A resistor is in line with the incoming AC.   This model was heavily modified by Bob Crump.  I'm ordering new caps from Michael Percy Audio.   Curiously, he owns an earlier version of the same DAC - designed by Damian Martin.    After recapping, I'd love to compare it to a current DAC.   Anybody living in OC?
Mouser has the Muse caps at a very attractive price.
I would also replace the poly caps as the Theta caps  sound much better. Yes, the same company makes them. 
grannyring: I ordered the PPT Theta's.   Will update after installation and burn-in.
.....last upgraded by Bob Crump.

wow! that's a name I've not read in a really loooong time.... May he RIP. 
Update - sort of: I replaced all 16 caps in the DAC - installed some new AudioCap PPT’s and TFT’s. It almost died on the operating table. When modding the unit, Bob did some intricate trace re-routing that wasn’t intended to be disturbed. I disturbed it. :-0 Fortunately, it’s working again. After this major surgery, it needs to burn in for awhile before critical listening.

New question: I’m now working on an old power supply for a different component. The 6 electrolytic can caps are easily available at Mouser. The box cap is .22uf 250v ~X2. I think it is a safety metalized polyester film capacitor. It is located next to the fuse. Does this type of box cap need to be replaced? If so, what would be a good substitute. Thx.
Grannyring, thx.     After weeks of the caps burning-in, the DAC sounds incredible.   Along with some new cabling, WyWires, and rotating some PC's, my system has never been better.   Now, I just sit and enjoy.