Replacing caps for Cary SLI-80 Signature

I need to replace one of the Jensen copper foil, paper in oil caps in my Cary SLI-80 Signature. Is it okay to just replace the one, or should I do both on that channel or possibly all four (both channels).

Also, I've read some reviews that recommend not using these caps because they are unreliable. But I haven't seen any that have a better recommendation for this amp. Even the Formula-1 uses them. Does anyone have recommendations?

My tech recommends replacing components in pairs to maintain balance within the circuit. In most instances, the parts are inexpensive, and your tech already has the unit opened up.
I believe Cary offers a Cardas replacement. I would write them and ask .

The Cary Founder's edition amps utilizes Cardas Teflon caps
Thanks for the suggestions. Marc over at Cary has been very helpful in diagnosing the problem as well. He did say it was okay just to replace the one cap. So, for costs sake, I'll just replace the one, or maybe both, on that circuit.
Some caps take a long time to break in (teflon especially), therefore, take this into consideration if you are changing just one cap on one channel, and don't be surprised if you detect some channel imbalance during break in. Another reason to change caps in matched pairs.