Replacing capacitors in Dalquist DQ-10 Speakers

I am considering having the five capacitors replaced in each of my Dalquist DQ-10 speakers which I have owned since 1976. I did previously have the woofers re-coned many years ago.
It is hard to determine whether the age has had a significant reduction in frequency response as they still sound excellent although I would like to make sure they are working at the level of the manufacturers specifications. I have been told that replacing the caps may change the overall balance and quality of the sound that Dalquist had achieved but I would like to make sure I am getting the best sound that the speakers were designed to produce.
Can anyone advise me as to whether I should have the caps changed simply as a result of the age of the speakers and if so what brand of capacitors would be best?

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If your capacitors are the original, yellow, metalized Mylar pieces; they don’t need replacement.      They’re not affected, by age.     Of course; there are numerous newer capacitors, that would offer a different presentation.            Whether such a change would be for, "better" or, "worse", would be a matter of your taste.      If you’re happy with your sound, leave them alone.
+1, on the Mid-Bass' electrolytic, being replaced.     Back when I was upgrading/mirror-imaging the DQ-10s, in my shop; those caps hadn't been compromised yet(it's been a minute).  Easy to forget, how many years it's been(denial, I suppose).