replacing cables

Was given a Technics SL-D3 turntable from a friend that is in great shape including the cartridge!was wondering about replacing the cables,but would just adding new rca cables be fine,or adding an all new tone arm cable,"signel cable" for example be best?thank you
Changing either interconnects or tonearm cables on this turntable would be like putting earrings on a monkey.
Thank you Frog.
Hi John421,

I disagree with Rrog. Maybe the SL-D3 is not such a great turntable to justify a big spending on cables. But if you intend to keep it and use it, changing the old, stock phono cables would be the best thing you can do to it. Picking up a nice low capacitance cable will not cost you much and will improve the overall performance of the turntable.
Changing the tonearm wires is also advised, but unless you are about to do the job yourself (not the easiest thing to do), it will cost you quite a bit.
Had rca jacks added to turntable,looks and sounds much better for $50!now trying different cables to get just the right sound.