Replacing Bel Canto S300 blown ASC200 module

So I have lost left channel on my S300 and after reading up on the amp a little and realizing that Bel Canto seems to have just wrapped two ASC200 modules in a nice case, maybe I should just order a new module for $129 and replace it myself.
A couple questions for smarter people than I. First, the ASC200 (at parts-express) says it is rated at 200W @4ohms, but the S300 says it is rated at 300WPC @4ohms. How can this be different? Second, looking at the pictures of the inside of the amp, this looks like an easy plug and play--is it so simple?
Thanks Kijanki--I bought this amp used so it was already properly broken in. I am thinking it would be best to do as golfnutz says and buy two modules and just refresh the entire thing.  Then I can burn in both sides as you say--few HUNDRED hours??  Wow!
Just one more thing to mention ukthunderace, make sure you take pictures while you're doing this. You probably won't need to use them, but better safe than sorry.
great idea--make sure all the wires go back in the right places and I don't blow myself up!
You might blow the amp up, but I don't know about you going with it. Good luck... it seems like a great way to fix these.
Well that took about 5 minutes...I honestly didn’t believe it could be so simple.  Makes me want to spend some time on the diy forums and see what else I might be able to do.  All in, it cost me $136 to put a new left channel in the amp....I have a feeling Bel Canto would have charged me a bit more than that.