replacing Audio Research power chords

I have an Ark Ls 2 MKII preamp and D-200 solid state amp

Both of these are factory wired and not removable chords. Does AR or anyone else do mods on the AR for removeable power chords.

The AR factory chord is probably much better than most standard chords but I'd think it could be improved on

AR's later models do have have removable chords

ANyone had any experience or input on this end


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Call Leonard at Audio Research (phone no. is on their website at and ask him. Probably no problem having someone do it for you, but some gear was built w/the integral power cord and ground essential to its operation and you screw up everything by putting in a new cord. I have both older and new Audio Research and use the power cords the older stuff has hardwired into the back and Ensemble power cords on the new stuff. I love Ensemble power products but really I can't tell if the audio research cord in the preamp I have is inferior! Look into some sort of power conditioner for your gear, and plug the factory cords into that! Now that can make a real difference in the sound of a system. I use Ensemble, but have also tried the PS Audio, which is excellent, and a Transparent conditioning box as well, which was very good. I'd go that route before changing out my audio research power cords.
Just my opinion!

ARC will add an iec to components that have room for them,
it's about $350 plus shipping. Leonard is the guy to talk
I had an ARC dealer tech replace the factory PC with IECs to a V70 and a REF1 for about $50 per unit, but you could probably get it done cheaper if you shop around.
IEC's and chassis punches are available from Parts Express. Ground is not really a big issue as long as you replicate the original circuit; perhaps not even then?
The last 2 posts are much more in line with reality. The IEC connector re-fit is no big deal at all. Any competent tech that works on quality gear can do it for you and for a whole lot less than $350 bucks! I just had 20 amp IEC receptacles retro-fitted to my Classic 150's. My old preamp, an LS2B, was long run with my favorite cord/conditioner, the Foundation Research LC1, hard wired in place of the original.

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