Replacing Audible Illusion Preamp Feet

Own an Audible Illusions Preamp that will soon be going onto a maple-shelved rack and want to replace the stock feet with brass audio points that I have laying around in my accessory box. Can I unscrew the stock feet without loosening and releasing something internal to the unit such as a lock nut that can't be retrieved and will forever roll around inside and bug the heck out me?
yes you can, there are no locknuts above.
Thanks so much!
Related question - is it better to replace each foot with a threaded footer or can I simply rest the components on unthreaded audio points or black diamond racing cones? If using threaded cones, I'll have to buy a fourth since I only have sets of 3.
I removed the feet on my preamp and replaced them with gold cones held in place with 3m double sided tape. Works like a charm
SYMPOSIUM Roller block Jr great under tubes.
Leave the stock feet on. Forget the brass spike idea. The maple shelf will provide a balanced sound. The spiked feet on the maple shelf are akin to a video monitor with the contrast and brightness controls cranked up. It didn't do it for me.
BTW I prefered some form of spikes and Stillpoints with my previous MDF and Polycrystal shelfs.
Black Diamond racing #4 cones great and cheap.