Replacing ARC SP-12

Want to replace my SP-12 with a new Pre that has remote.
Have had the SP-12 and D-90 amp for many years and now using them to play digital files off my PC through a Music Streamer 2.

Great sound but would really like a Pre with remote (getting lazy I guess).

I was hoping to keep it around $1000 figuring I can get $400-500 for the SP-12 and kick in another $500 or so.

Really like ARC gear but rather pricey to get a Pre w/remote so I'm looking for alternatives that nicely match the tube D-90.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I think you will be disappointed if you don't stick with ARC. I suggest you kick in a little more $$ or keep what you have.
I think you jump brands with tube gear mainly when you clearly seek a significantly different sound. There can be a lot of variability in how tube gear sounds, so changing from something that sounds good already could be risky, especially with the less expensive gear.

I'd stick with ARC. That line is a gold standard in tube gear. A used sp16 like in my rig or the line stage only version has a remote and should come in used for just a bit more.
If you really like the SP12 don't change it, just get a remote volume control like the Creek 12, or for higher quality a one input Placette, and put it in the tape loop. I did that with my old SP10 and only used it when necessary by flipping the tape monitor switch. FWIW.

If all you are doing now is listening to digital files the one input Placette, a passive unit w/remote which costs about $650, might be all you need. It is very high quality and if you keep the IC's short you probably have no need for anything else. And, I think, many would actually prefer the sound over that of the SP12.
Appreciate the responses and the fact that you all like ARC and wouldn't change. The other item I failed to mention is that since the SP-12 does not have a line output, I've been using a split connector to use my Carver Subwoofer. Not really a big deal but thought I'd go for a remote and line-out to make it correct.

From what I'm reading though, it sounds like getting a separate remote would be the best or step up to more $$$ with a different ARC pre.