Replacing an Ayre AX-7 -buying advice?

Ok folks...fell away from the hifi bug for a few years due to the kids being young.

System was Ayre AX-7/ Ayre CX-7 and Proac 2.5's.

Recently got back into the game by getting an Oppo 105 which beats my Ayre CX-7 on playback.

The CX-7 is sitting redundant and I'm thinking mmmm maybe if I traded that and the Ayre AX-7 I could get a new amp.

Caveats are I am in the UK and don't want to go nuts on I'm thinking second hand....any good recommendations on an amp that might deliver for me.

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Maybe consider the new Ayre AX-5. It's get's close to the performance of they're KX-R and MX-R separates. I suspect a Ayre dealer will trade in your current gear for less a cash outlay...(or you can sell it here and make a bit more than a trade)...

It's best on amp recommendations if you list your speakers, room size, listening preferences and price range. Otherwise all we can do is guess or tell you what we like....