Replacing A Resistor/Fuse In An Amplifier

My Sony TA-N9000ES multi-channel amp does not work....the startup light is constantly blinking.

I looked online and it says that R220 & R221 are usually the culprits for this and that needs a resistor/fuse needs to be replaced.

Is this something that can be replaced by removing the cover and doing it myself?  Or, is this something that should be left to repair professionals?  I have zero mechanical skills.  If this is something that needs to be wired or soldered I don't dare mess with it.  If it is simply a matter of popping out a fuse and replacing it...I can do that.

I have ordered the resistor/fuses from Sony.

If you have any knowledge or experience in this sort of thing...please weigh in with your comments.
These are what is known as "fuse/resistors".  They are not fuses in the conventional sense.  They are 1 ohm resistors that are soldered in one of the electronic boards.  If you don't have experience with using a desoldering/soldering iron, then I would leave this to a professional.
Yes this can be done very easily IF you have experience soldering and desoldering on a circuit board. If not, you can EASIiLY lift a trace or worse and wish you never tried!