Replacing a Muse Model 160

Greetings All! I'm hoping some of you fine folks can help me with some power amp recommendations. My Muse Model 160 has gone belly-up (one of the now-obsolete lateral MOSFETs fell apart), so I'm thinking about replacing it.

I briefly considered the Muse Model 200 but, given the difficulties I've been having eliciting any interest from the support and sales folks at Muse, I think it may just be time to move on. (I exchanged email with Kevin Halverson, now at HRT; he was very helpful in a general way, but did say, and I quote: "While I am still the CTO of Muse as well as HRT, I don't send* any of my time on Muse projects.") *(sic ...think he meant "spend" here)

I really love the sound of Kevin's amps (I also have a Model 100), as they've always worked beautifully in my systems and spaces. So I began to explore alternatives; some of the amps I've read about have struck me as ones I might like: the Odyssey Khartago, Classe DR-9, the Aragon 4004, maybe a McCormack DNA, older YBAs; ultimately, though, my head exploded with details, so I thought I'd ask here : )

I'm particularly interested in any recommendations from Muse owners (both former and current), and experienced amp-o-philes who are familiar with the sound Kevin's amps.

My details:

Listening space: 12' x 12'

Speakers: original Mirage OMD-15s
Preamps: Carver C-1, Emotiva USP-1, but usually none these days.
Primary Source: Oppo BDP-95

Budget: not altogether price-driven (sound I like is what's most important to me), but for starters thinking about spending ~$1-2k; not considering any tube equipment right now, but open to it.

Thanks for your time, attention, and any suggestions you may have.
I had a Model 200. What a cracking amp for the money. I compared it in my system to a number of really seriously expensive and/or well thought of amps in my system. It hung in there or bettered most, even a Dartzeel Intergrated didn't utterly outclass it. The Dart was better but given the massive price difference I'd not couldn't justify the cost.

I've since moved on to a Kharma MP150 / Aesthetix Calypso combo and couldn't be happier. If the 200 is characteristic of the 'Muse sound' then you'll add a more 3d soundstage and warmth with equipment like this. These would set you back more than the budget you're talking about. I'd recommend the 200 if you can get one for $2k-ish you'll need to spend a good deal more to better it ime.

All the best
A little late in the game ( I just saw it ) but i would be interested in the 160, as a parts donor for my own 160-- if you still have it. Thank you
I have Model 160 for sale in perfect working condition, for other amp what is your budget? I can suggest, what speakers are you using and efficiency of speakers