Replacing a MAC Mini with new one...

I have been using a MAC Mini dedicated to my audio system. I run it into a Bryston DAC-1 via the Audiophilleo 2 with Pure Power. I am happy with this setup however need to replace the MAC Mini. I am looking for advice on which Mini to purchase and on how I should have it configured. Thanks in advance.

These guys know how to get the best out of a Mini I am completely satisfied with mine and the support that I have received.
You don't say why you need to replace the Mini.  If you are happy with the current setup, then replace it with exactly what you now have.  Used Minis are plentiful and relatively cheap.  You could even swap the hard drives between the old and new to avoid any changes in configuration.
suggest a used mini with the quad core set and a minimum 8gB ram and install a all your music on an outboard harddrive. you probably know all this so no offense intended

Onhwy61, My current mini has a 0.5 TB drive and I am not sure it will even take a larger one. The thought of getting a used one I would entertain. 

Tuberist, no offense taken. I know some, or at least think I do, however that can be a trap. Looking for that beyond what I think I know, and verification of that I do.  I was thinking I would want a 1 TB SSD drive and the 8 gB ram. By store on outboard drive, I believe you mean as backup. Am I right there?


Mesch, nearly everyone would recommend that you store the music files on a separate hard drive than the system drive.  The 500Gb hard drive on your current Mini is more than sufficient for your system files.  Alternatively you could install a smaller SSD drive for an increase in loading times, less heat, less noise and greater reliability.  An quality external 1Tb drive for music files with a second one for backup are available for under $200.  8Gb of RAM is nice, but 4Gb is sufficient.   What I'm saying is that your current Mini with some additions may be all you need.