Replacing a Grace F-9E with ????

It has come to my attention that the cantilever on my cart is, well, bent at a 45 degree angle. So it must be replaced. With what? The system it sits in is: Grace 707 Quad arm, Systemdek II, Dyna PAS2 (60db gain), Quad II. (Gee, its all at least 20 years old now)
My budget is roughly $300 or less, as i have no fear of used equipment, gently used carts are fine. So far i can find used:
Benz micro glider
Grado Sonata, maybe Reference Master

And new:
AT-OC9 or 33
Denon ?
Benz ?

Any suggestions from the more experienced of you?

P.S. this should not be taken as a WTB troll.
I have used several of the mid-priced Grado's and have been content with them. I currently use a Benz Glider M2 and find it to be much better than the Grado's or the Sumiko's I have had over the last few years. I know the Benz can be had used for about the price range you are in.

Keep and eye out for a Shelter 501 too.
First, you may wanna check with some dealers who might still have Grace replacement stylii (F9E, L & Ruby will work with that body)in NOS stock. Try Lyric and Stereo Exchange in NYC & Needle Doctor.
Also, the 707 is a very low mass arm, so best not to use low compliance carts, such as Denon & some Grados, with it. Shure V15 series will work well, as will most Sumiko Blue Points & Ortofons.
Caution about low output MCs, many will not have enough gain to stay out of the too-much-noise range w/your preamp unless you also get a head amp or transformer.
Best of luck,
I had just bought an expensive Signet cartridge when I first heard the F-9E; I had to have it, it was so much better! Thus began a 25 year frenzy of audiophilia from which I have only recently recovered. Beware. There is no replacement for your F-9E. Only futile attempts to recreate the original high. BTW, what are you selling it for?