Replacing a crushed KR 300B tube

As I was resolving a minor cable disconnect between my Audible Illusions preamp and my mono block Welbourne Laurel Iix ultimate amps, a bookshelf came crashing down, crushing one of my KR 300B tubes. For want of a nail, the war was lost. So I will need to replace my 300B tubes. The price range of matched 300B tubes runs from ±$200 to ±$15,000 for Western Electrics. Replacing the KR's is about a grand. Being of finite economic resources, the WE choice is well beyond the pale, the former perhaps less than desirable from a quality standpoint. Some options might be Genalex Gold Lions, Shugang WE-duplicates(?), Shugang Treasure 300B-Z, and there are others. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm pretty bummed.