Replacing a blown woofer. I need help

I own a Definitive tech. subwoofer. It's the PT15TL. The woofer has went bad, and it's out of warranty. Can I replace it with a different woofer and still get as good results, or should I go back original? It's a 4 ohm woofer. I must confess I'm not very educated when it comes to something like this. Any help is certainly welcomed. Thanks, Roachone
I would recommend using the factory driver for MANY reasons, the first one being that you are not familiar with "tweaking" or "hot rodding" electronics.

Try contacting Def Tech and find out if they have any Internet Authorized Dealers. If they do, email them, let them know what you are looking for and ask for a price on the unit including shipping. I would take these prices into consideration and contact your closest dealer. Ask him his price and factor in taxes ( if applicable ). You might be better off buying locally if there is not much of a price difference. You would not have NEAR as much hassle dealing with someone locally as compared to if the woofer was damaged in transit. Good luck... Sean
Due to your limited expertise the better approach would be to go with the original parts. Using replacement / equivalant drivers can be done, but there is a lot that you need to learn in order to realize satisfactory results. If a direct replacement is not available or is very expensive, repair/rewind of your existing woofer's voice coil may be possible. Try contacting Van-L speakerworks for further information: they do these kinds of repairs.
Thanks guys for your help.I called Definitive Tech. The woofer is $140.00 and that includes shipping! Not bad. I think that's the way to go. Thanks, Roachone