Replacing a 2-pin hardwire with an IEC terminal

Hello!! What if a particular component system has a 2-pin power wire permanently installed? Would that regular cheap stock wire HAVE to be used without any choice whatsoever? If not, then my question is: Would you have ANY information whatsoever on how it could be possible to literally remove the whole main power wire assembly so that an IEC assembly could be installed instead? Would you possibly be aware of some website or whatever that would have instructions on how to REDO this in order for it to be possible to use IEC power cables? --Thank you SO much for your time!!! --I will eagerly await your response! --Gabe
Gabe, you'll need a hole in the rear panel big enough to accept an IEC outlet. This is the biggest part of the mod you propose. If an appropriate hole is not there already you'll have to make one. You may get lucky and find you can just take out the original AC wire and enlarge the existing hole, but on the other hand the positioning of that hole may make it a bit awkward to enlarge.

If the unit has an auxiliary AC outlet you might be able to use the hole for that. I've seen a NAD C320BEE modified that way.

Alternatively you can try hard-wiring in a new cord. You'll need a new strain relief if you trash the old one taking out the old cord, or if the new cord is too fat for the old part. (The strain relief is the little plastic pincher that sits in the AC cord entry hole and keeps the AC wire from rubbing against the chassis.)

Both of these approaches (IEC outlet / new hardwire) require you to take out the old cord first. Label the terminals inside when you do that (hot or neutral) so you don't forget which was which.

Be aware that the mod will almost certainly not change the resale value of your component and if you don't do an A-1 job, resale value will decrease.
Gpriore, Take a look at the website under Clearview Double Helix AC Power Cord. There is a Clearview AC Cord Kit to replace hardwired cords, without installing new IEC terminal on your component.
When I looked into the same topic, it was more cost effective to buy a Mapleshade power strip which actually made it sound as if my two different component hardwired power cords had been upgraded. I am still not sure how old cords can be made to sound so much better by adding to the original inadequate power cord rather than physically replacing, but it happens!
If you call their phone (301-627-7922) with question then someone answers right away, or gets back to you in a day or two.
Once, I got my call back from Pierre Sprey, himself.
Thanks, Listener57, the AC cord kit looks very interesting and of course there's lots more great stuff at the Mapleshade site, including music!
Hello, this is Gabe. This is truly spectacular information folks! I would like to thank ALL of you immensely!!
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