Replacements for Quad 989's ??

I am looking for a replacement speaker for my pair of Quad 989’s. I love the Quads, but miss the bottom end. The lower freq of the Quads is very true, but lacks impact. Most types of music, of all forms do contain a fair amount of bottom end content. Certainty live music does. But here is the problem. I hate to give up the open nature of the Quads, their soundstage, depth, and accuracy.

Adding subs to Quads is hit and miss. I am aware of some other panel speakers that may have a better bottom end, but the price is a tad out of my range.

My Specs.

The room is 21 x 23, with a 9 foot ceiling that slopes up to 16 feet. The back wall of the 23 foot ( 16 foot high part ), is open for 16 of the 23 feet. The Quads are on the front 23 foot wall, well spaced off the walls and sides. Listening is not really near field, but the Quads are about 12 – 13 feet away from the listening position.

What make ?? model ?? of speaker will give me close to the Quads best features, but give me some increased bottom end, with out a one KW amp.

Current electronics are:

Bryston 2b-sst amp
Bryston 26 preamp, with MC and MM
Cary 303/300 CD
Kimber IC and Spk cables

The Bryston 2b-sst is a good match for the Quads, but may have to go.

Now the bad part. I’d like to keep the speakers under 12 grand new or used.

Any suggestion’s ??

Thanks in advance
Sound Lab.....and how's this for a steal of a deal! I do not know the seller, just happened to see this. And the value here would allow you to upgrade the Bryston with electronics fit for these speakers, like the Atma MA-1's often here for $5k and still have $$ to upgrade the preamp. Lots of options to stay with 'stats with your budget.
Add the Gradient Revolution woofer sections to the Quads. Use the active crossovers.
I've read exceedingly good reviews of SP Tech speakers,
There is a SP Tech Revelation MKIII on sale right now for $8k. New ones are supposed to cost in excess of $20k. I do not know the seller.
magnepan 20.1 and analysis audio omega spkrs aare worth your attention.
If considering Sound Labs I certainly would recommend M-1s or A-1s as a minimum for your room, and they will shine. Although the A-3s mentioned are lower cost, the results you are seeking will not be fully realized.

Sound Lab dealer.
Magnepan 3.6 or 20.1.

Short term the Bryston will suffice but you will need more horsepower to properly drive both Maggies.
Try either new Harbeth Monitor 40.1s or used Dynaudio Confidence C4s. I think you'll be suprised how well the Harbeths sound in large rooms. Harbeth C7s are the only speakers that I've owned that I prefer to my previous Quad ESL-63s. The Dynaudios are also excellent if you need something larger.
My local dealer has 2805's set up with a Wilson Benesch Torus sub and impact is one of the strengths. It is more than just low frequency rumble and shake, it is a seamless extension of the Quads bottom end. Pretty damn impressive!
I suggest that we all try our very best to select, install, and set up all of our gear with great hopes and desires, however in the end, it is all hit or miss. I certainly would try the sub woofer route...I know this is time and energy enefficient, but I would try every sub, passive, and electronic crossover, until I've exhausted all manufacturers and still was displeased with the results..only then would I change the whole damn speaker.
I just bought a pair of Gradient woofers (the SW63) for my ESL 57, and the combination is just stunning. The SW 63 go down to mid 20 Hz, and then we all know the uniqueness of the 57 midrange...not a bad combination at all. I think this combination is hard to beat at any price point.
The reason I mentioned the A3 and not the M1/A1 was because Gammastrep mentioned he wanted this under $12k. And it was mentioned that the 989's are doing mighty fine in the listeners room other than a lack of low-end control. The M1/A1 speakers do come up at this price and lower from time to time, but this would require an equal investment in electronics to achieve their capability. Without this, it makes no sense to consider the speaker.

As a long time Maggie owner, I loved these speakers. But anybody using Bryston electronics with these has no idea the capability that can be had.

To choose a speaker to resolve the reported problem, it will like be necessary to find an appropriate amp at the same time. To simply buy a different speaker and expect much benefit will likely result in further dissatisfaction.
consider a pair of jl audio fathom 113 subs -read the review in stereophile that I believe were with quads--their web site has all the reviews---have them with my stats and are the best subs I have ever owned --? feel free to email me --rich
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reply, maybe some more will as well, and several have replied directly to me.

The larger panel speakers might do the job, and I love the big Maggie 20.1, but they just suck most amps dry. I have demo’ed them with a quite large high end amp, and they still needed more, and the store even had a sub on the system, and yes of coarse I know the little Bryston will not do the job, wouldn’t even try.

Subs are a nice way to go, but by the time you buy one or two good subs, and maybe a quality sub crossover your maybe back into the range of a very good in-closed speaker. That was the direction I was maybe thinking of going.

Always lots of trade off’s, and there are always good and bad with any type of technology.

I live in the Charlotte NC area, and we are in an audio waste land. No decent stores in this area. So selecting a new speaker will me some travel for me to listen to any possible purchase, but that’s nothing new to me.

Keep the thoughts coming in. I appreciate them.

If you don't go the subwoofer route, I would recommend the the Merlin VSMs which are the most coherent dynamic driver speakers I have heard short of an electrostatic. What I like about Quads is their transparency and coherence, and I think the Merlins would give you that with a bit more bass impact and dynamics. The Merlins are a very different type of speaker but they have a lot in common with what makes the Quads great.