Replacement woofer source for Entec Subwoofer?

I am looking for any sources for a replacement woofer for the Entec LF-X subwoofer. Entec, sadly, has gone out of business. The higher models of subwoofer use a 3-loop servo (position, veloicity and acceleration) and I suspect they use custom drivers. I saw an entry in the speaker forum about wiring a repaired driver but I couldn't contact the person who posted it. I would be very grateful for any ideas.
have you tried contacting demian directly?

i got replacement drivers for my LF20s from him...

let me know if you need his contact info via email.
Entec will soon be offering new replacement woofer units for about $150 a piece.

This should come out in the next few months.
Hi, although it may be way too late, if you have a contact for Demian I'd greatly appreciate it. The drivers for my LF20s are shot.

Thanks very much,