Replacement tweeters for tannoy p10

I am trying to fit a pair of audax tweeters tw025a01, to my tannoy's p20.  After breaking in the tweeters, found that they dont blend in together very well, So i tried a few things and found that a step baffle compensation of aprox  -2dbs (2ohm resistor in parallel with .56mh coil)helped a bit. i did connect the filter in serie to the woofer, before the woofer crossover. 
 My question is, Should i connect the same compensation in parallel to the tweeter, and does this make sense?

You need a ton of info to get right,  if you can get it right...if there is any pad in the original crossover that can effect the bsc.... The only Audax spec that I have is on a TW025A0... not the 01 version. Do you have a schematic from the Tannoy?  It isn't likely that the Audax is a direct drop in, you'll probably need to change a piece or two in the tweeter circuit besides BSC.
I assume that you measured DC on the tweeter and the width of your cabinet to figure BSC? 
If I can get enough info, I'll be glad to help,  Tim
Did a bit of reading on the audax tw025a0, found that the tweeter has a 6db drop after 4000hz. Think ill go with custom crossovers, not sure if i should cross them at 2200hz, or 4000hz?
  Current tannoy p20 are at 3000hz. I'am using loudspeaker design 2 on the link.

The cabs are birch plywood 22L, 9" x 18"

Well, the pdf I saw showed about a 4db drop at 7K.... Go here and confirm which tweeter that you have:
Go to the old Zalytron site.
Left side, click on audax, scan to the bottom of the page, click on pictures & specs.... on the next page,  you see a French word for Archives...go into there. Find your tweeter and let me know.  Tim
after I get your correct schematic and the correct tweeter, you can pm me and I'll draw up new crossovers for you trying to keep your changes as minimum as possible,  but you will need some changes. 
Problems sovled! After doing the changes to the crossover ie. changing  mylar, and electrolytic caps for MKP caps. replaced a pair of coils, most of the values of the caps and coils were changed. This was a huge improvement, but not perfect. Timlub recommended that I install parallel notch filters, from 9000hz-20khz and sent me the specs. WOW the imaging, and soundstage are AWESOME!!
 Thanks for tutoring your experience timlub, everything worked out great))  pce dude!