Replacement tweeters for Polk SDA-1

Does anyone know where I can get replacement tweeters for Polk SDA-1 speakers?
Call Polk Service or email them at I had a blown woofer a few years back and they had the replacements - at a very reasonable price.

On the polk audio site go to the "club polk" section. They have a list of all available drivers and crossovers for sale, I am pretty sure you can get the ones for that speaker.
810665:115DT 26/72 SF (Used in older Polk Systems)

Call madisound, what appears above was pasted from the madisound website under the Peerless driver section. There is also a link to the peerless website from the madisound site you can see a picture of he driver there.

Maybe it is the one!

They are adaptations of the original Peerless KO-10DT.