Replacement Tweeter for Epos ES14 Speaker?

Does anyone have a recommendation for replacing a tweeter in the Epos ES14 Speaker? Epos no longer carries parts for this model. I would certainly welcome any information regarding where else I could obtain one, have one repaired, or recommendations on a readily available alternative.
You could try for advice.
no. i have a pair of these. with upgraded naim amps and naim cd 3. sounds beautiful. however... spares? i think mordauunt short were re coning and had internet add

3-4 years ago. cannot find now. my 1983 pair may need attention soon. if you have any news please pass on as i will to you. the tweeters i think were Seas available from Wilmslow audio in uk. dan e mail-
p.s am in uk functionining pairs of these speakers sell for up to 300 uk pounds and are still highly regarded. the smaller and sweeter but slightly bass lighter versions are very plentiful for 200. hope this may be useful...your first reply