Replacement tubes for C-J

Hi All, 
My wife just found my old Conrad Johnson MV-55 power amp buried in a storage closet! Thought I'd give it a go. As expected, fuse blew, bad tubes. I would like to get this running again. Can you recommend a good source for replacement tubes at reasonable prices? 
Thanks so much. 
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Are you sure it's bad tubes?
Not sure of anything tbh. Assumption is based on what I read elsewhere. 
Read the manual to get an idea about the amp.
Is the blown fuse at the speaker terminals (with a led lit beside a tube?)
If so, it's likely a power tube issue.
It it is the other panel fuse, the issue may be more serious.

Have you hooked it up to speakers when you powered it up? 

Yes, read the manual. LED lit on one channel. Output tube looked wrong on that side. It was hooked up. I was following all the instructions from the manual. 
Okay. So sounds like you need a new EL34 tube and replacement fuses.
Are you getting sound on the good channel?
My thoughts too. Probably worth changing all the output tubes. Can you recommend a good source for the tubes? Thanks.

I'd be tempted to buy a set of cheap JJs to test the amp. Moving forward, you can roll in better tubes.
I should also include Upscale as a preferred vendor.

You can also get them on Amazon Prime.
I wouldn’t go near Upscale, they upcharge exorbitantly. Go to tubedepot or tubestore for this.

For your amp, for example:

Tubedepot EH EL34 $14.98
Upscale EH EL34 $19.95

Thank you Stevecham. That's great info. 
Much appreciated. 
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I'll second viridian's recommendation of Viva Tubes. Good prices and great folks to deal with.
My other favorite source is Jim McShane. He doesn't have a pretty web site but just send an email or give him a call. He knows more about tubes than just about anyone, does meticulous testing and is a real gentleman.
Thank you all. I've ordered new tubes. It will be interesting to see how the old boy  performs with the new tubes.