Replacement thoughts on a ailing Meridian 588 cd player

Hi, wondering if anyone has a good replacement on a old 588 cd player ?
Needs to have some kind of digital out, as I will probably use it with my Primare dac.
Want quality stuff, without going crazy, $1500 to $4000, if you know of some bargains, all the better.

Scott Genaw
Sorry to hear about the Meridian.
Check out Simaudio Moon 260 DT
Excellent transport! Well within your budget.
Talk to Scott Genaw, if you can.

Another very nice transport:
Heed Obelisk DT
How do you like your Primare DAC?

Really like it, has good prat and clear sounding, firm bass, have just sent it for update to usb 3.
I just ordered a Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2 after reading many glowing reviews on this site and other places.  I will report my findings when it arrives in a few weeks.