Replacement Stylus Shelter 201

     Hello community:

             The other day I broke my stylus while (obsessively) removing dust from the plinth on my TT. I have looked and have not been able to find a direct replacement from Shelter or an aftermarket one. I am hoping someone here can point in the right direction.

  Thank and Happy Holidays to all.  
Can't replace the stylus on them. You'll need to replace cartridge.
Noromance, not true.
Needle Doctor or here:
Google is your friend!
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I stand corrected. Although, I thought I remembered them glued and not user replaceable years ago. It's an upgraded Sumiko. Upgraders used bond the OEM stylus assemblies together.
Jico SAS-1 fits the 201 body. It's expensive, but far surpasses the original one.