Replacement speakers for Meadowlark

Now that Meadowlark is out of business, what is the availability of replacement speakers in the event of a failure?
I think most of the Meadowlarks use off-the-shelf drivers that should be obtainable form the manufacturers.
Gmc is correct, either Scanspeak or vifa drivers in most of the designs... crossover would be another matter...

Sorry no. The audax sourced midrange drivers used in the original Heron and Heron i and the Blue Herons are no longer in production and are nearly impossible to source.

I have two if anyone needs them.

The rest of the drivers except for the Gas Piezo tweeters are stil around. may be able to guide you in the right direction.
The top the line Meadowlark and Xavian XN 360 have a lot in common.The biggest differences are the woofers and type of bass loadings used.If you are looking for TL based loudspeakers,then do check out