Replacement speaker

I currently have the Legacy Focus 20/20's, which work well in my room. I am looking for something new and different but there are some limitations. Namely my monoblocks are Wyetech 211 C's which give me 36 watts SET sound and I am not interested in changing them. I like the height of the Legacy's since this is my bedroom system, being the only room in the house that is at least mostly rectangular and relatively good size, 20 X 24 X 8. The tweeters are just about perfect for my ears. I would like to keep it down to around $5,000 but could go up to $20,000 if I was moved by the sound. I listen almost exclusively to acoustic music, jazz, classical, pop, vocal(female and male), opera, musicals, just not much amplified music.

If you love the Legacy, why change?
Zmanastronomy, Love may not be the right word. There is much that they do that I like but after 6-7 years something with perhaps a bit more refined treble would be nice. The bass and midrange are good but could be better, then again, what could not?