Replacement remote for Arcam CR80

The remote for my Arcam AV300 receiver (model CR80) died today. It's suffered a few 2-3 foot drops onto hardwood flooring, and now there's some play in the battery compartment. I can rattle the batteries around in the remote, so I'm suspecting that it's not getting proper contact.

After searching for the CR80 on Google and eBay, it looks like the remote is long discontinued, and not for sale anywhere (used or new).

So first, do you think it's possible to repair the remote?

And if not, what would be the simplest way to get an effective replacement? I barely use the remote's functionality aside from switching inputs and controlling volume, so if there's some way of programming a different (hopefully cheap) remote to work with the receiver, I'd accept that.

Barring that, does anyone have an old CR80 lying around that they'd like to get rid of?

Thanks in advance.
A Logitech Harmony remote will probably do it. Check their web site. Probably find a remote for around $50 that will control your Arcam and a couple other devices.
I had the same problem. linda solved it in hours! Amazing service:
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According to the Logitech Harmony database their remotes do support your receiver. You can buy refurbished Harmony remotes from at pretty reasonable prices, the cheapest one listed is $16.