Replacement Remote Control For Cary SLP 05 Preamp

I was wondering if anyone has successfully replaced their remote control for the SLP 05 with a generic one or a universal learning remote and care to share their experience.
I have the old small 3 button one that only does volume up, down and mute. It is becoming a tad unresponsive lately and I presume it cannot be repaired.

Cary only stocks a full feature one where all the other functions are redundant for the SLP 05 and it costs $125 plus shipping.
Just wondering if I can replace it more cost effectively.
you can get a used harmony 650 for >$30 and add the cary in less than a minute + use it for all your other components, program macros, etc. one of my favorite toys.
I think 125 dollars is pretty darned reasonable for replacing a factory remote for a 6000 dollar preamp.
Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions.

I opened the remote, cleaned the contact points on the circuit board and the underside of the buttons with some rubbing alcohol.
Everything works smoothly now.
That saved me $125.
I will still get a cheap learning remote to copy the codes if the existing one just in case it acts up again.
If anyone has a similar issue, I guess this should work.
Thanks again