Replacement recommendation

My Ortofon OM40 Gold appears to have finally petered out. I just received my new Primare R20 pre amp so I could get back into analog (purchased from a fellow AudigoNer), added to my Primare Pre & CD with B&K reference amp.

I put it all together, and have little to no output in one channel. I get very low bass extension, but zip everywhere else. I have read about tonearm cable issues with my Dual CS5000, so I swapped cartridges to start trying to pin point the issue. Different cartridge had good output from both channels. Only problem is, the OM Pro I used to test it sounds tinny and lifeless. The OM 40 Gold has a nice warm, open and breathy sound with good bass extension, dare I say 'tube like' compared to the Pro. I put the OM 40 back on, same thing, one channel dead. I touched the individual head leads with a good hum from both channels, so I definitly think it's the cartridge. Even at that, it still sounds better then the Pro with just one channel, but I know that's an apples and oranges comparo. I used Miles Davis Decoy as the test signal.

My question, as the OM 40 Gold is no longer offered, can anyone offer any ideas as to a replacement cartridge that will sound like the 40. I know that is very subjective, but I'm sure someone here has heard/owned the 40 and knows what I'm talking about. I also wonder if I need to stay with the slender nose style of the OM's or can I also use the more traditional 'boxy' look cartridge with my Dual?

Thanks a ton,

It's official, the cartridge is dead. I ordered a 2M Black. Should I go ahead and swap the tonearm cable anyway? One of those 'while I'm in there' items.