Replacement power. Ps

Looking for a replacement for my Lamm 1.1 mono blocks. Own JBL Array 1400. Any thoughts? Mono blocks would be nice but not a deal breaker. 


I’ve always thought Clayton Audio amps were some of the better Class A solid state amps around and quite a value for the performance they offer.  Here are a couple reviews for their M200 mono blocks and S100 stereo amps FYI...


Audio Research Reference 160m monoblocks or 320m (I gather shipping in the next couple months).


You looking for an upgrade? Your musical preferences? 

I actually know what you mean about the trips to Brooklyn, one of my ML 1.1s kept switching into standby during play, turned out to be a defective relay but took a few trips as it was hard to find because it was temperature-related.  As for a replacement, in addition to the ones mentioned above, Ayre amps have always impressed me with their ability to convey the music like Lamms do, not class A operation but worth auditioning.  Same with VAC in tubed amps.

The Clayton’s are world class. I think the same league as the Lamm’s. I’m thinking perhaps a vintage Levinson recapped. Not sure of Lamm’s future with Vladimir’s passing. 
Thanks to all for their comments. 

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