Replacement power cord for SONY TV - type C9 (two prong)

I'm looking at the new SONY OLED TVs and find they do not use the usual C7 IEC power cord like Samsungs do, nor do they use a normal 15 amp C13 power cord. Instead they use a 2-prong C9 IEC inlet. It is narrow and does not appear to accept the normal 15 amp type power cord. Does anyone know any after-market cables with a C9 IEC which I can upgrade to? I don't see any listed on The Cable Company's site and frankly have never seen a high end power cord with such a connection option.


Man oh man I looked and looked. I couldn't even find an end in copper.

I was thinking a copper adapter if you can find it and then make a light cable. 

C9 is 6 amp max. Everything I see is rhodium too. YUK. Sure won't corrode. :-)


all you have to do is to take a sharp blade and just round out the edges so the cord will fit


we are a custom installerwe do this allthe time

Send an email to Triode Wire Labs.  If they can't make you one up, no one can.  See their thread on custom cables of all sorts over on Audio Circle.

I had  one  made with duelund wire at  parts  connexion in Canada[for my Sony] Call glen at parts  connexion