Replacement Plasma Cord, Shielding???

I want a longer Power cord for my 58 inch Sammy plasma. The only HDMI it touches is the one that goes from tv to processor, so not the source hdmi cables. Therefore no audio is going to tv obviously.

The one that came with the tv is a 6 foot shielded right angle cord. I went to my local parts store (u do it electronics) and they have the right angle cord but it is not Shielded and it is not UL listed i believe. Not sure if either of these matter???

Should I be getting a Shield power cord??? The gentleman at the store claimed it would not make a difference, not sure if he realized my set up of course.

If so does anyone have an suggestions for a right angle shielded option??? RAM had some custom made ones and it would run aprox 60-80 with shipping. Am I pushing it with the one from the local store??

thanks all,

I had the chance to try a very high end power cord, used for my stereo on my Plasma TV. The cord, Dream State "Epic" is not shielded, and I was using it just to burn it in.

The result of a high end cord surprised me, the colors were quite noticeably brighter, richer and deeper. The image was much sharper with better definition.

Once the cord was burned in, I took it off and when back to the stock cord. It took two days for me to not "need" a high end cord on my TV, the point of this response is two fold.

First power cords appear to matter, and it might be worth looking into a custom made cord. Two shielding was not an issue.
Well I was a skeptic when it came to power codes until I took a leep of faith and upgraded the cable on my Pioneer Elite 50" and yes I noticed an improvement immediately. I didn't spend a lot of money on it, went with a Shanyata Venom (it is shieled) at about $80 CDN. It made a difference and I know it because I can see it. In my case I feel it was money well spent. As for a right-angle end, have you tried looking for a right-angle adapter plug?
First, thanks for the responses!!!

Second, I have found a right angle replacement, it just is not shielded. Same 18awg as the original, just not shielded, and sounds like the shielding wont make much of a difference, especially since no audio is being used from the hdmi that is in proximity.

In regards to upgrading the cable quality, that was not really even on my radar to be honest. I was more concerned with shielding worries, which appears to be over thinking on my end.

Now a question:

I had my Plasms professionally calibrated my a very well known and highly acclaimed professional, so not sure I would want to enhance the colors with a high end cord since they appear to be great. Does that make any sense?????

Now in regards to my processor and amplifier, maybe I should upgrade the cords.... that I am still pondering.

thanks again.
I think the shielding is important.They(factory)wouldn't have done for you,to save money if they didn't think so.
If all you're trying to do is get a longer PC, I'm sure if you check the internet, an electronic parts supply co. should have a sheilded right angle PC. However, I will say, changing out the factory suppied PC's on all my equipent has yielded improved the audio/video performance. I'm not talking anything fancy, just PC made w/good quality IEC and AC plugs using (CCI) Carol Cable "Seoprene" wire, either 16 or 14 guage, depending on application. This wire is not shielded however. It may matter in your situation w/your plasma TV. There's a great website called, I believe, AVSForums which talks about Video/TV's etc.