Replacement motor for Oracle Delphi turntable

Oracle motor failed.  Origin Live motor failed.  Time for number 3.What motors have you tried on the Delphi model of high quality.  My sense is the quality of the Oracle motor was superior to Origin Live.  Thank you.
Go to USAM & look for dealers on the right side. You can contact hyendaudio. He can very likely help you especially if you still have the original delphi motor.
dcaudio please contact me. I can help you out with oracle parts including mk6 motor and electronics. Don’t know if there is a private message here on audiogon
I believe it is the Regulator Board that failed  Not motor per se.  Can I replace both transformer and regulator board with an industrial power supply.
Again, go to USAM and look for hyendaudio in the dealers section. He will not charge you to answer a question. For me, I simply needed to replace the 33 rpm 10 turn pot on the regulator board.