Replacement model for Magnum Etude tuner

Magnum Dynalab has replaced the Etude tuner with a newer model? What is the new model number? Cost? thanks
MD100. Looks pretty cool. Not sure about price.
HiFi Farm has them listed for $1600.
Consider the MD102 used for $1750. Better model. Awesome tuner!
Is the MD-102 that much better than the MD-100? It is very easy for me to over spend when purchasing new (or used) audio equipment. In this case, an FM Tuner is important but my CD Player continues to be my main music source. Does the MD-102 provide a large sound improvment over the MS-100 or is the extra money just for improved reception? I ppan on replacing my 7 year old AudioLab FM Tuner. thanks.

I am trying to reduce my purchase price
Hgeifman --it seems like there are two issues here. One is the degree of the sonic difference between the MD-102 and the new MD-100 and the other is what that difference is worth to you.

As for the first question, I have the outgoing Etude tuner and think it's a great component. I'm continually impressed by it's ability to cleanly pull in even remote stations and it has, to my ears, terrific sound. When I bought it a few years back, I got a chance to compare it to the flagship MD-108 and the MD-108 was surprisingly much better. Better tuning capability and much better sound that was at the same time more articulate and smooth.

For me the Etude was plenty of tuner, especially given the fact that most FM brodcasts and content leave a lot to be desired in the first place. Given my ratio of cd to tuner listening, the Etude was a great choice for me. If $1600 for a new MD-100 is worth it to you, then I suspect the used MD-102 (which I have not heard) at a little more used would be the way to go. If you're really trying to devote more money to your cd setup, I'd look for a used Etude or even an FT-101(a). You can get a used Etude for around $700. -james