Replacement meters for Mcintosh MC2125

I have an MC2125 amp with broken meters, and unfortunately Mcintosh no longer sells replacements. From my understanding, McIntosh has 2 different types of meters that could vary on 2 factors: size, and the labeled db/wattage scale.

So, if I can figure out what other Mcintosh models use the same Size meters as the mc2125, I can just buy those, use their guts and replace the backing (scale behind meter) with the ones from my mc2125.

Does anyone happen to know which models would have the same size meters? I've had a couple people guess mc2155, or any of the mc2200 line, but if i could get some confident answers or ideas on how to research an answer myself than that would be very helpful.

You could ask McIntosh.
Tried that, but they had no suggestions on fixing them or where I could find the size of the meter...
Are you sure it's the meter and not the drive circuitry to the meters? It seems a bit odd that both meters would have failed.
Contact they may either have some replacements or a proper substitute.
read voltage first with your dmm or voltmeter connected to the same terminals as your mac VU meters. I would prefer using the analogue voltmeter ($9 at RShack) and see fluctuation of arrow before starting a replacement research.
All of the above responders gave you good advice. However, that model always had trouble with their meters. Mine used to intermittently quit working. As I stated in another post, there is a vertical circuit board directly behind each meter that is removable. Pulling the board out and pushing it back in helped, but occasionally occured again. My opinion is that there is some inherent problem with this model and it's meters, as you're not the first guy to make this complaint. My problems occurred over 30 yrs ago when I owned it, so this problem of yours is nothing new. My 2 cents worth, anyway.
I would pull the board and replace any electrolytic caps on it. I would also go over all the solder connections looking for cold solder joints.
Thanks everyone for the helpful advice... I called a Terry with DeWick Mcintosh repair and he was VERY helpful. He mentioned it could be one of the 6 the integrated circuits on the vertical board behind the meters referenced above (is this the driver board or meter board?)

I was thinking I could swap those 6 IC's out fairly easily if none of the other suggestions pan out with success. Does anyone happen to know if the IC's are surface mounted (soldered) or are they pinned? I want to go ahead and order some so I have them handy when I take it apart. That beast is too heavy to move around and open up just to peak at a circuit board if someone already knows the answer :)

Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions!
If the amp is at least 10 years old they are probably not SMD's. However, if you are not well versed in soldering you can easily damage the circuit board traces. I suggest you let a service professional handle that for you. You can also damage the IC's themselves by overheating them. Maybe you can pull the boards out, and if he has a way to test them, send them to Terry and have him do it.
As near as I can recall, the circuit boards directly behind each meter are totally removable, and are strictly for each meter. You just have to unplug the wires leading to the meter. The IC's that have been mentioned are soldered in place, so Hifigeek gave you good advice if this isn't your forte.
after watching a couple of tubes and practicing on radioshack breadboards for a couple of hours you'll become a soldering pro.