Replacement fuse for McCormack DNA 225 and RLD-1

Hi There,

Does any one out there has info handy on fuses (specs and how many) for McCormack DNA-225 Amp and RLD-1 Pre?

Also, have you tried hi-fi and/or furutech replacement fuses with McCormack RevA / Gold upgrades and would you recommend incurring the expense?

I think DNA225 has 1 main external and 5-6 internal fuses, so @Furutech prices it will add up to about $300!

Hi Paul2k7

I have a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe which I believe was the predecessor to the DNA 225. Mine has the following Fast Blo fuses on each channel. I just looked @ the writing on them.


From other A'gon members they told me Steve McCormack installs Furutech fuses in his new VRE-1 preamp. I was tempted to go with the higher end Furutech fuses for my DNA-1 Deluxe but the cost was just too much for me right now. I just can't get myself to pay $300+ for fuses.

Have you tried to contact McCormack in VA, and get the straight scoop? (e-mail: (phone: 703-573-9665)

They are pretty helpful as well.

Good Luck.
Thanks Jedinite24, for McCormack/DNA1 fuse info, DNA225 is likely to be quite similar. I have dropped an email to service@McCormack and will post the response info here as well.

Part of the purpose behind posting this query here is, to get a sense of "bang-for-the-buck". So between DNA225 (SMc RevA+, has 6 internal fuses) and RLD-1 (regular, no upgrades. likely lesser number of fuses), which one will have a bigger impact on sound quality (from the fuse update)?

Hi Paul

Wow you have a DNA225 that has a SMC Rev A. Whew that must be one sweet sounding amp. For that amp I'd probably give a shout to Kris Jeter or Steve McCormack himself @ SMc Audio. They know the mods and amps front to back and then some. They will definitely have an idea as to what fuses may work best for your situation and where. Also too both gentlemen are very friendly, approachable and willing to discuss things with you. I spoke to them before regarding my DNA-1 Deluxe and what mods would give me the most bang for the buck.

760-908-5263 or 760-732-0352

A lot of people here may scoff at this but if I had your DNA-225 with SMc Rev A mods I'd definitely put in aftermarket fuses. I can't picture putting $3.00 worth of fuses in an amp like that. Good luck.
thanks again Jedinite!

Agree on DNA225 Rev.A, for its price - it is suppose to be a great Amp! I say "suppose", only 'cause I'm relatively new to the 2-channel mid/hi-fi, and haven't heard many Amps/systems. I went w/ McCormack line based on a very strong reco from a friend, who used to own DNA1 deluxe and has vast experience.

Haven't been able to call McCormack or SMc today. I just opened the hood and looks like inside it uses 4x F10A and 2x F2A fuses. Contemplating the fuse upgrade as budget permits ;-)

I will update info here, for future ref, as I hear back from the sources.
I got fuse spec and preferential order of replacement info, from the qualified source. Here it is:

"I would change the remaining fuses in this order.

RLD-1 mains fuse X 1 - Furutech Slow-Blo (use a 315ma - 400ma)

DNA-225 power supply fuses X 2 Furutech Slow Blo 1.5A

DNA-225 rail fuses X 4 HiFi Tuning Fuses 10A Fast Blo"
Hello Paul,

I used to work at Virtual Dynamics, and thought I might actually be able to help you out. I have the McCormack DNA 225 Platinum plus (stealth caps, transformer+, carbon transformer base) upgrade. Wonderful sounding amp, and it first came with the HiFi fuses, as they accidently shipped it before receiving the Furutechs. Rick is a big fan of magnets, and on his Luminance amp replaced his fuses with them, so I likewise did with my McCormack (which is why the amp ended up at SMC in the first place!). I say this to say that the improvement that the magnets made, partially as a solid conductor would make a good improvement, the Furutech fuse made just as much. I highly encourage this upgrade, and it is safe!
Nvanderstoep, let me confirm if I got you right - you are suggesting "to use 'magnets' instead of a 'furutech fuse', as they have comparable performance"?? If so, what about protection (provided by fuse)? Wouldn't a magnet negate the purpose of putting a fuse in the circuit??
A friend of mine uses magnets in his equipment and ,yes , there is no protection when you do so. A tweak too far for me but I have read on other forums that it has its advocates.
No, use the furutech fuse instead of magnets. As good as magnets are, there is no protection, and you get all the same sound with the furutech. Sorry for the late reply