Replacement for wadia 861?

Anyone know what wadia is replacing their 861 cdp line with? What transport would be used since Teac no supply their VRDS?

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I saw on the CES 2006 exhibitor list that 581 & 781 are going to be replacing 861 and these are multiformat players.
I replaced my Wadia 861 with VPI Scoutmaster and Lyra Dorian MC cartridge. I know that this may not be what you are thinking. But I can say that the sonic upgrade is simply amazing.
how did you determine that the 581 & 781 players were multi-format?
(it clearly said that both 581 & 781 are SACD players)
2ndly, how did you determine that the 581 & 781 are going to REPLACE the 861? Did you talk/communicate w/ John Schaeffer?
(I couldn't find that info on the exhibitor listing).
"Wadia 581/781

The 581 and 781 will be replacing the 861 which will be discontinued at the end
of December, ’05. These two new products are based off of the 861, however
they incorporate a new Wadia developed multi-format transport mechanism.
They are also our first CD Player to incorporate our new reference clocking
scheme and SC2 ( swift current discrete) current conveyors."
thanks for the link, Glai.