Replacement for VPI TNT mark v

I need to find a smaller footprint turntable to replace my TNT markV with the SPS option. I'm in a much smaller space and no longer have a place for this to fit. I'm looking for something with a similar tone as the classic VPI sound but just about platter size that can also do 45 rpm. I'll be selling the TNT and I'm basically looking for something in the price range I can get for the used mark5 with a 10 in arm and the SPS controller.
If you want to stay in the same family of sound then the obvious answer would be a VPI Classic series table.
If you want quality sound with a small footprint, take a look at the George Warren turntable. It looks great and it sound great.
So far nobody has mentioned his footprint issue, How about a Transrotor Fat Bob used.
That's going to be a tough one Dpower. A large part of the reason that the TNT has the tone that you want to replicate is the very fact that it is large and heavy, which gives it a certain resonance signature; that full, weighty, slightly dark sound. Not exactly "platter size", but smaller and a small step back sound wise, but I went from a full blown HW19 MK4 to a TNT6 with 5 platter, and I was surprised at how similar they sounded. Your SDS can be used with the 19. Good luck.
Have you considered just making a new plinth for the VPI
or maybe we can make one for you?

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I don't think you know how good the Classic is.... and the support that VPI demonstrates time and time again.....and when/if you are ready to move on, how good the resale value is. All that has to be taken into account. Put a Benz LPS on the Classic and have your jaw drop.
Rega P9 would be a good choice for a smaller table with great sound.
I have a Transrotor Fat Bob, and can vouch for its small footprint. However, it does have a stand alone motor pod to take into account. The Oracle Delphi is a very compact unit also, and sounds great.
About the most compact unit I have seen is an Empire 208, and if you get one of Esoteric Audio's rebuilds, you will something that competes with the best, for about what you will get for your table used.
Some good suggestions for tables, but they don't (especially the Oracle, and Rega) sound anything like the TNT with it's very full, and slightly dark sound. The Oracle, while really great sounding, is as different sounding as any table that I can think of. I looked at the Pbnaudio table and I must say that I am intrigued. Given that you could use the same platter and same drive system that you now have, it is probably your best bet for retaining the TNT's sound with a smaller footprint.
When you are interested to see the light in the audiophile darkness, think about a Basis Turntable with Graham Ph. Supreme.
Thanks for the responses, I really like the classic vpi sound, I tried some of the newer models and they sound to "bright", probably has something to do with my ribbon tweeters more than the table.
Its also the reason I'm a fan of Grado moving iron cartridges and have used them very happily with this table. I tried a rega (but not the 9) and didn't care for it. Even living in the music capitol of Austin its hard to find anyone that has tables to demo. I'm just not ready to dump my 4000 lps and just love the Acoustic sounds 45 lps I have.
I had a similar issue with space years ago. I solved it by having a plinth made from Corian in the dimension (and color) I wanted. Worked like a charm (see my systems pictures to see if this would work for you).

I have a TNT Mklll with SME -V as well as a HW-19 with a tTerminator T-3. The smaller table runs right with the larger one. I attribute that to the tonearm on the HW-19. I would suggest picking up a used 19 adding the Terminator and you'll have plenty of $$ left over. Alternatively, add that tonearm to a new Classic and I'm confidant you'll be happy.
Another thought, Fremer just reviewed a table called Anvil and really liked it. Small footprint, relatively cheap and built here in Detroit area. Never heard one, but I have talked to the guy making them and HE sounded good.
Kuzma stabi/stogi, great TT and in line with what you are looking for.