Replacement for Vandersteen 2ci

I have had Vandersteen 2ci speakers for about 20 years. I am looking to upgrade them with something that has an equal or preferably smaller footprint (39.75" high x 16" wide x 10.25" deep) with same or better sound quality presence.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

My electronics are BAT 3iX and BAT VK55.

The obvious choice would be a newer version from Vandersteen, especially since your current speaker kept you happy for 20 years.

Richard has implemented countless improvements in both crossover and driver technology since the 2ci was released.

You will have to adjust to the new sound. All recent Vandersteen models have better resolution, more extended highs and tighter bass than you're accustomed to.
Need to know your budget and what changes you are looking for from the 2cis. Albert's suggestion is a good one. Triangles are very nice and good prices to be had on their previous line- Celius maybe. Might want to consider Merlin VSM series which is a small footprint floor stander that mates very well w tube gear. That's what I went to after VAndies (2ci to 3Asig to Merlin.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I would like to keep the price below $3000 new or used. I like the spaciousness of the Vandersteen sound. It is very open and the speakers really disappear when you listen. I also liked the way it handles voices. Very natural.
Swampwalker - Being that you had Vandys what was the sound difference in going to the Merlins?
possibly the Totem Forests....with the right electronics...they would have tighter bass and better imaging than your 2ci's. Used price on the gon is 1600-2000. They have a fairly small cabinet and can extend as low as the upper 20hz. good luck!
I went from 2Ce Sigs to Thiel 2.4s. Huge improvement and I limit myself to either of these manufacturers due to the time and phase coherence of their designs.
Jtma, I've never heard the 2ci but I would guess that if you like them, you'll love the 2ceSigIIs. They should certainly be on your short list. Stevecham, as much as I like the Thiel 2.4s (I almost bought a pair to replace my 1.6s), IMO the SigIIs are more musical and sound more "right". Granted the Thiels are very, very good and beat out the Vandies in terms of transparency and, maybe, resolution. YMMV.

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I recently replaced my 1986 Vandersteen 2C's with the newer 2CeSigIIs. Treat yourself and go listen to these speakers...
Exocet 954 and Ruffipennis

What did you find to be the difference?

My 2C's were older than your 2Ci's but the difference with the 2CeSigII's is the more transparent mid range and top end detail. Of course the crossover and drivers are all improved(using the 3A Signature mid and tweeter)over my much older 2C's. The bass seems deeper I believe my older 2C were 36.5 inches high vrs 39.75 giving the bottom end a little more authority. I've never heard your 2Ci model but let your ears be the judge and give the 2CeSigII's a won't be disappointed...
Jtma, As I wrote above, I have never heard a pair of 2cis. But I am confident that the Sig IIs have far superior tweeter and midrange drivers, plus 20 years of incremental improvements to the crossover, cabinet, and woofers. They should sound much more transparent and resolved at a minimum. I would guess they're better in almost every sonic parameter other than, possibly, bass extension. Take a look at the discussion board on Vandersteen's website. RV strikes me as a straight shooter who's not trying to sell you something you don't need. You wrote that you want to keep the price below $3K. If you're buying new, IMO the Sig IIs are the best choice in this price bracket (assuming that your room is big enough to sit 8' away, with the speakers at least a couple of feet from the back wall). Read Art Dudley's review in Stereophile. I think it's spot-on.
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