Replacement for Vandersteen 2C


I need to replace my current Vandersteen 2C speakers. I have a smallish room 14' X 10' with the system against the shorter wall. I'm beginning to think the vandy's are a bit too big for the space. Need recommendations on smaller speakers with frequency response similar to that of 2C. I usually listen to Jazz and soft rock. My price range is $1K. Any suggestions?

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Since you have been satisfied with your Vandersteen 2C, I would buy the improved version.

Probably the 2Ce signature or older 2Ce used here at Audiogon. If you must go smaller the 1C from Vandersteen is a great speaker, far better performer than it should be considering it's cost.

There are lots of other choices out there, listen for yourself so you're not disappointed. My suggestion fits your budget and I see a pair of 2Ce here at Audiogon for $950.00 or best offer.

I know nothing about the seller or the speakers but after selling your speakers it would be a bargain upgrade.
The Vandys are great, but do need a bit of room to breath. I am in the process of upgrading from Vandy 1Cs. Although my room is larger than yours, placement restrictions meant the logical upgrade to 2Ce Sig IIs would not work. I am currently auditioning a pair of Ohm Walsh 2000 speakers. These are too big for your room & expensive, but the Micro Walsh Tall (MWT) model should be ideal for your situation. They come with a 120 day in-home trial, Like the Vandys, the Ohm Walsh series seeks to minimize the impact of the cabinet on the sound. There were many things I found similar between the Vandys and the Ohms, like the big, open soundstage, and freedom from box resonances. Of course, there are plenty of differences, the most obvious being the Ohm's lack of a narrow sweet spot for listening that is a characteristic of Vandersteen speakers. I don't think the MWTs will go quite as deep as the 2Cs, but from what owners are saying, the bass output and extension is satisfying overall.

The problem with downsizing your speakers is, of course, getting the lowest octave and a half in your price range. It might not be possible without spending more or adding a subwoofer (or speakers with built-in powered subs).
If you think the speakers are too big for the room
Lets take a look at this........
In a average room with a good full range speaker like 2CE you will expierience very good bass response and room integration and for you that has probably been the case.
When we move any full range speaker into a smaller room naturally speakers are closer to the corners this will
give you about a 12 DB rise which would be at about 80 HZ
Here is the simple solution since you are now up about 12 db simply install the Vandersteen X2 Assesment box inserted before you amps RCA inputs and start with the 20 K setting
this will start to give you the desired roll off so you can experience the same bass response you had in the larger room
take a listen and then move dips up to the 33k take a listen again now try 50 K and One of these settings will have your bass cured which will make the speakers disappear like in the larger room and you wont have to settle for mini Box performance. Once you have found the best setting with the X2 assessment Box you can purchases the Quality fixed X2 for about $120
Please let me know if you have any questions
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What about Monitors.
I know that John knows his Vandersteens(and a lot more)! I have a similar situation and two speakers that have worked well for me are the Silverline Sonatinas and Opera Seconda(which is a sealed box speaker).I'm crrently auditioning a pair of Usher 6311 speakers which appear to have some promise.
Thank you all very much for your valuable suggestions, I don't have any problem with bass from the Vandys, It's just that the soundstage seems a bit cluttered.
((((I don't have any problem with bass from the Vandys, It's just that the soundstage seems a bit cluttered))))
Try the experiment I just laid out for you
This will clear up the sound stage in about 10 min or less.
With regard to the part of the speakers being too close to the corners do you get it now?
Cheers Johnnyr

I have an office system in a room only slightly larger than yours (15 x 11). The speakers are Vandy 2Cis and I have them centered on the long wall about 18" out and 7 ft. apart. They work wonderfully well with a good sound stage and excellent low end. I know because I used to have them in a large (18 x 33) room and got very well acquainted with their sound. Any chance you could try them on the long wall?
Audioconnection, the speakers are about 2.5' from the side walls. So the effective separation between the speakers (measured from tweeter to tweeter) is about 6', and they are about 2.2' from the rear wall, no toe-in. I tried toe'ing them in, but the soundstage gets messed up.

Zargon, can't use the long walls, as one site has a patio door and a glass window and the other side has the enterance to the room and a closet.
Placement for Vandersteen 2C
((the speakers are about 2.5' from the side walls. 2.2' from the rear wall, no toe-in.))
OK as in the manual we want to avoid the same distance from the side wall and the same distance from the front wall read the Manual and try a couple of different set ups for example if your room is truly 14 feet deep 14x 12 = 168"
try 1/5 th into room by placing the middle of the speaker at 33.5 inch from the front wall and get the tweeters 24 inchs from the side wall the manual has many other odd number placement suggestions also at new locations observe proper tilt back so both speakers are level, equally adjusted and stands and spikes are tight.
Please let me know if you have any questions Johnnyr